Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Reprogramming the brain

The Journey to Ascension!

It is important to realise that earth is busy changing very quickly at this time. Earth is busy evolving to a higher dimension and so must we. Loftier thoughts will assist one in evolving and raising ones own frequency to a higher vibration. 

Our skies are filling with UFO's waiting to bring us a new model for living in accordance with loftier thinking. Many beings on earth (known as light workers) have known this for a very long time and have been working towards this event for the greater good of all of mankind. These light workers have been giving earth healing, light and love to raise the frequencies for all of mankind.

So lets be joyful and embrace the changes coming by being the change we desire to see in our world within ourselves. 

I have simplified this to bring you the easiest method possible with the best results on how to apply "The Secret". Students who have been using this program reported a 30% increase in marks in 3 weeks, felt happier and family / friends noticed the difference. 

Please share this with everyone you know. It is free.

Essentially we are all preprogrammed to believe that we are less than what we actually are. Along the journey of life we accepted many opinions of others as part of our program and so now we run this auto program daily and who we really are conflicts with this program and causes us to be unhappy. 

Every morning we wake up and the auto program starts to run.

More than this our free will allows us to experience whatever we believe we are unconditionally i.e.  if one thinks one is a bad person, then life will continually reflect that back to you in your mirror through those around you and the opposite is true too.

It is important to understand that ones mind is the greatest computer that exists and it accepts whatever one puts into it as the program one desires to run. No questions asked.

It doesn't intervene and say "Hey wake up that is self destructive". No - it says "Ok cool if that is what you want then let's go for it". What is true for a computer is also true for us i.e.
Garbage in - garbage out.

Your thoughts matter and your life will reflect your thinking.

Below are some of the pre-programmed responses we have that impact severely on us. I want you to identify 3 of your big ones and convert them into a new program that you can accept and run on.

Changing the program can be instantaneous or take up to 21 days to reflect back to us. This depends on ones level of acceptance and willingness to change the old program to the new program and not to go back to the old program.

Last thing at night just before dropping off to sleep, say each of the 3 thoughts 3 times aloud so that you speak and hear the new program. Upon waking up, while still groggy, sit up in bed and say the 3 thoughts again 3 times aloud so that you start your day on the new program. 


I am dumb (old) - I am smart / I am clever /  I am a genius (new program)

I don't understand the work / I am quick to understand everything

I don't learn easily / I am a fast learner

I don't comprehend things / I am quick to comprehend all thins.

I'm too fat / I always weigh between x and y irrespective of what or how much I eat!

I'm too thin / I always weigh between x and y irrespective of what or how little I eat!

I'm too disadvantaged / I am always faced with brilliant opportunities

I'm not perfect / I am filled with love for self and others.

I'm not good enough / I am filled with love for self and others.

I'm not pretty enough / I am filled with love for self and others.

I'm not good looking enough / I am filled with love for self and others.

No-one likes me - I am surrounded by loved ones and loved

Everyone picks on me - I am surrounded by loved ones and loved

No-one understand me - I am always perfectly understood

No matter how much I do I fail / I am always improving

I don't care / I am always in peace of mind

My parents don't love me / I am surrounded by loved ones and loved

I have nothing to live for / I am alive and it is my greatest gift

I have always been poor / I am surrounded by abundance

I have never been worthy / I am worthy

Once you have accomplished the first of your 3 new thoughts, replace it with another thought you want changed in your program. 

I asked the students to include someone they do not like and change the thought to I am liked by so and so and have always liked them. As soon as you notice a difference in the other persons attitude towards you, you know you have succeeded. 

If you need assistance with a positive affirmation or replacements for a thought on almost anything, then here is a great link to assist you:- Free Positive Affirmations

I would like to thank Ramtha for being the greatest teacher and advocate for pushing the boundaries to unlimited mind in the 21st Century Ramtha - The Enlightened

Saint Germain - violet flame mediation to transmute all negative energy into positive energy:- Recommended to be done daily

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